Indoor Treasure Hunt Ideas

Indoor Treasure Hunt Ideas

When looking for inspiration for Indoor Treasure Hunt Ideas you simply make clues about ordinary indoor objects. Since your home may have more than one of some of these objects, the kids may have to check out more than one location before they find the next clue. That makes the game last longer, gives them more exercise and adds to the fun. We have prepared some ready made clues for you or use as inspiration to create your own.

Indoor Treasure Hunt Ideas

  1. I have four legs, but I don’t have feet.
    I come in handy when it’s time to eat. – Kitchen or dining table
  2. My job is to put an end to sleep,
    Which I do with music, a buzz or a beep. – Alarm clock
  3. For fast heating or cooking, I am tops.
    And, oh, that good smell when my popcorn pops! – Microwave
  4. Flour and sugar and coffee and tea,
    I keep these handy but hard to see. – Kitchen canisters
  5. I can take you to places you’ve never seen,
    But first type your password in on my screen. – Computer
  6. I’m loaded and unloaded, but I’m not a truck.
    Having a helper like me is a great piece of luck. – Dishwasher
  7. I rain on you when you need a scrub.
    I’m very much like my friend the tub. – Shower
  8. I make it possible to have fresh food.
    Everyone agrees, I’m one cool dude. – Fridge
  9. Watching your favorites is lots of fun.
    But don’t watch too much! Kids need to run. – TV
  10. I never get angry but I do get hot.
    I’m the perfect place for a pan or a pot. – Cooker
  11. It’s my job to give all your clothes a tumble,
    Which I do while making a bit of a rumble. – Tumble Dryer
  12. I have a handle and also a lock.
    Visitors and delivery men may give me a knock. – Front Door
  13. I’m one part chair and one part bed.
    Up with your feet and down with your head. – Recliner
  14. I take your clothes for quite a spin.
    But first they get wet. That’s how I begin. – Washing Machine
  15. I’m filled with feathers or other soft fluff.
    To sleep without me can be quite tough. – Pillow
  16. Turn me on and I’ll give you a light.
    I’m used some in the daytime but mostly at night. – Light Switch
  17. A story, they say, can take you away,
    But a book still needs a place to stay. – Book Shelf
  18. I have drawers and also a nice flat top.
    For homework I’m helpful — Keep working. Don’t stop! – Desk
  19. I’m hungry! I’m hungry! Please feed me a slice.
    I’ll spit it back out all brown and nice. – Toaster
  20. I’m not a selfie, but I do show faces.
    Find me in bathrooms and a few other places. – Mirror
  21. Adults like it when they first wake
    And at other times when they need a break.  – kettle/Coffee Machine
  22. Most every day, you step on me.
    All I require is a bend of your knee. – Stairs
  23. I’m paper, but I’m not used for writing a letter.
    The spot by your potty suits me much better!  – Toilet Paper
  24. I have hands but no arms and also a face.
    And my hands always move at the same steady pace. – Clock
  25. The more I dry, the wetter I get.
    A little one can be used for soaking up sweat. – Towel
  26. I’m never wicked, but I do have a wick.
    I come in all sizes, from skinny to thick. – Candle

Indoor Treasure Hunt Ideas

Make one set of clues for every player, each clue leading to the next one and, finally, to the treasure. Seal them in envelopes marked with a clue number (i.e., 2/7, or “two of seven”); this will help the treasure hunters keep track. Whoever solves the clues first and finds the treasure is the winner. You don’t have to go mad with a prize, simply an IOU for a movie(another of the rainy day activities for kids), maybe a cache of coins (regular or chocolate) or my favourite, no chores today/free pass for dishwasher duties are all cause for more fun in your home. You could also have your kids play as a team to solve the clues—and uncover the treasure—together. This works better when you have younger ones or if they have been fighting earlier…..


Indoor Treasure Hunt Ideas for Younger Kids

If you kids are too young to read you can create another type of treasure hunt by taking pictures of odd nooks and crannies or objects as above in your home. Print out the pictures and place them as you would any other clues.

Fun Family Activities to Prevent the Summer Slide

family activitiesEven the best students can suffer from the ugliness of summer slide by finding themselves regressed in their scholastic abilities. Sixty days of break from the academic routine can do that to any one and it is a universal problem rarely acknowledged. In spite of it being an issue, there are several ways to deal with it and of helping your child by not letting them become victim of brain rust.

Over the years it has been discovered that there are tons of family activities that can let the kids have all the fun they want without letting their brains idle. Here are some ideas for parents who want to save their children from this summer outbreak:

1.   Trips to Libraries:

If the parents succeed to instigate the habit of reading in their kids, then they can forever say goodbye to the dreadfulness of summer slide. Not only is reading one of the most fun family activities for the erudite but it also helps the kids and adults develop their vocabulary, maintain their reading skills, and even learn about many new topics depending on their choice of book. Remember, the legendary Anne Frank and her family remained in hiding for more than two years but their regular reading and analysis kept their mind as revived as ever.

2.   Food Adventures:

Another interesting fun family activity includes going on a family trip to farms, bringing back the fresh greens and cooking up a storm in the kitchen all the while educating your child on fruits, vegetable, and their benefits. Furthermore, the process of cooking itself includes measuring, reading labels, dividing, setting the timers and other small tasks that will keep the kids in touch with their math and reading skills.

3.   Reading at the world’s end:

It doesn’t matter where the family activity plans have taken you and your folks to. As long as you make your children read billboards, signs, cereal boxes, pamphlets and recipes they’ll stay safe from summer slides. You can even develop their speaking and presenting skills and help them learn new language by encouraging them to speak with the locals in their language.

4.   Make them Write:

Writing a diary can help with many things at once and help your child become better with spellings, grammar, history and even math when they write every single detail of their adventures on the blank pages of their diary.  It can become a family activity as everyone shares their writing at the end of the day and help the other become better at it with creative criticisms. Reviewing a book, telling their diary about an interesting history fact they leaned or studying someone and writing about it can develop a lot more than their writings skills.

5.   Summer Camps:

Enroll your child into summer camps where they can not only enjoy some fun activities but also take advantage of the camp’s nature of expertise where the sports, math, and science enthusiasts can satisfy their scholastic cravings.

If you are looking for some great opportunities of family activities, then check out these packages to make your family vacations memorable without making your kids suffer.

Kids Activities – 5 Reasons Why a Family Holiday Is More Important Than You Think

kids activitiesIf you think late shifts, double jobs, hectic schedule, demanding boss and challenging tasks at work is turning your brain into a mush then know that you are not the only one. Look around you and pay attention to the youngsters in the house. If you are suffering then they are probably suffering too, perhaps even more than you.

Despite the fact that kids are bright and upbeat, their mind needs refuelling and a human mind rejuvenates only with some time off with family and interesting kids activities. Don’t believe it? Here are reasons that will convince you otherwise:

1.   It Creates a Strong Bond:

Arguments, hard feelings, and grievances are normal instances in a family, but what is not so normal is leaving these issues unresolved. When parents and kids travel together, not only a new place and new scenarios give them a better perspective, but it also creates a strong bond between the parents and the kids. That issue that you haven’t been able to talk about for months can easily be resolved over a hike in the forest.

2.   Educational for the kids:

There are so many ways of educating the youngsters and interesting kid activities have proved to be far more effective. Reading about a way of life is one thing but taking your kids to explore these foreign people in their far flung lands and experiencing it in flesh and bone is a whole new level of learning.  Family holidays can be fun and educational at the same time as it tickles that part of the brain that remains unexercised when staying at home.

3.   A Temporary Split from the Technology:

The kids’ unhealthy obsession with the technology needs to stop and the only way to succeed at it is by involving them in kids activities that are adventurous and physical in nature. It would be advantageous for the kids to actually socialize and meet real people without the medium of a screen between them.

4.   Social and Emotional Development:

Sometimes young people need to be involved in kid’s activities just for the sake of being kids. School, activities, sports and homework are done for career, for better future, and to be better students. But family holidays allow the kids to just splash in the water or to skate in the rink without having to be worried about embarrassment or losing. The unplanned, unstructured, and rough games play an important role in the growth of kids’ social and emotional health.

5.   Personality makeover:

Kids that are thought as quiet by their peers end up becoming that way and the one who is thought to be different ends up sticking out like a sore thumb. Not because that’s how they are but because that’s what everyone expects from them. When kids step out of a habitual place and go far away from familiar faces, they experience freedom and a chance to ask what they want for themselves. This time away allows them to discover and reinvent themselves.

Every child needs some time off from the routinely tasks and must be allowed to engage in vigorous kids activities. You can check out some family break ideas and packages to give your child the freedom they need.

Things to do with the kids in Clare – Aillwee Caves

things to do with the kids in clareNo trip to Co. Clare can be complete without going to see Ireland’s premier show cave, The Aillwee Caves. The caves are renowned as one of the top things to do with the kids in Clare and it is easy to see why. When planning a visit to the caves, be sure to put aside a full day as there is much more than a cave to see here. things to do with the kids in clareYour journey starts at the main entrance with the Birds of Prey Centre where you can view a large number of birds and have an in-depth audio guide explaining all about our birds, their conservation and the myths and legends surrounding these magnificent birds in Ireland before enjoying a fantastic birds of prey show. This was a most entertaining show for us as well as the kids and was on for at least a half an hour. The auditorium is a lovely size and the show was quite interactive. After the we went back in to look at the birds armed with the knowledge we had received.

things to do with the kids in clareFrom here we went into the woodlands surrounding the caves to try out some Archery which was only €10.00 for 15 bows and includes a one to one tutorial. The kids loved this part as even though we have tried our hand at archery before, the setting here was magical and it felt like you were really hunting in the woods. The woodlands is also the setting for the popular guided bush craft walks which are only €5 per person but need to be booked in advance. We did not have time for this walk but it sounded fascinating and something I am sure the kids would have enjoyed immensely.

At the entrance to the archery and bush craft walks there is a beautiful stone building housing the farm shop stocking local food and drink produce as well as the world famous Burren Gold Cheese. You cannot walk past here without picking up some tasting delights!!

Now from this point you can drive up the hill to the caves carpark but if it is anyway fine I would suggest walk up the walking trail and enjoy a picnic along the way. You will be up in 15 mins or take your time so you can appreciate your things to do with the kids in claresurroundings as there are regular tours of the caves so you wont miss out. If you have not brought a picnic there is a delicious cafe at once you into in the caves centre. Be prepared as you will need to walk through the gift store to get to the tour and there was plenty to spend our money on. We were prepared here and gave them a budget of €5 from their pocket money for here before we went in and you will be glad to know there was plenty for that.

things to do with the kids in clareThe tour itself was approx 30 mins and was well geared towards the small ones without being too boring for adults, bringing us through the beautiful caverns – over bridged chasms, under weird formations and alongside the thunderous waterfall as well as the frozen waterfall and past the now extinct brown bears bones. It was very safe and not at all steep, we had two kids and a three month old baby in tow in a sling.

things to do with the kids in clareWe were all tired at this stage but if you have the time and energy you can walk to the top of the mountain which the cave lies under or even try out a Hawk Walk. There really is plenty to do and a must see for families visiting the Clare or Galway area. We got excellent value for our money and if you bring a picnic you will need to spend very little while here. Our car journey back through the Burren brought us past the most stunning vista of this unique and rocky landscape and even a neolithic tomb stone but our crew were almost to exhausted to take this in after their jam packed day!


Seaside Foraging with Sea Synergy

Seaside foraging


Seaside foraging is an age old fun activity and something that I love as the children are outdoors and learning but best of all my children love it more so much so we went out on a drizzling August day and by the end of the session the rain down poured but I had to still drag them off the beach kicking and screaming as they did not want it to end!


Seaside foraging


Sea Synergy based in Waterville in Kerry offer sea activities including foraging all along the South Kerry coast and a morning foraging is  a great way to spend some time with the kids. We met Lucy, a marine biologist Sea Synergy on Glanleam Beach in Valentia Island and she brought us on a little adventure!


Seaside foraging

Lucy first introduced us to a number of items she has collected over the years including shells and marine wildlife bones before we all took to the shoreline looking for items washed up from the sea. Marine life can be found in so many places including along the walls, on the rocks, under rocks and in rock pools as well before you even go to the sea. Lucy also provided fishing nets for a spot of fishing and Saoirse picked a crab out of the water causing for great excitement.

Seaside foraging


The children were in their element learning about all the items we discovered and even did not notice the drizzle of rain that began a little while into our adventure. We got great ideas and tips from Lucy for our own expeditions but found this session very good as we got so much information from Lucy on our travels and she knew just where to look for things we would never find.


Seaside foragingSea synergy run workshops from Waterville and are also hoping to do the same from Valentia in the summer. I for one would travel just to attend these workshops as it encourages a great interest in exploring and the great outdoors in already curious minds! Sea Synergy will also come out to locations of your choosing for small groups or families t so you can enjoy a spot of foraging. They offer a huge range of services so make sure you check out their page.

Blackberry Picking

Foraging for blackberries is such a fun and uplifting experience for kids to enjoy while encouraging children to set a life-long interest in nature and natural un-processed foods. Look out for blackberries growing on bramble bushes in woodland and hedgerows. (Avoid picking any next to roadsides though – they’ll be polluted by traffic fumes).

blackberry picking

With blackberry picking, it’s all about timing keep an eye out from the end of August but do not wait too late and miss out to Jack Frost. My advice is to get picking as soon as possible to ensure a quality yield. There are superstitions around picking berries after the end of September. It is said that they are then to be left for the fairies, (or the Púca). This coincides with the fact that the berries tend to be mouldy and quite unappetising by that stage.

blackberry picking

Blackberries are bursting full off berry goodness, being mineral rich and high in magnesium and potassium. They are an excellent source of dietary fibre and it is said that some varieties have more dietary fibre, weight for weight, than wholemeal bread. They are a good source of Vitamin C, so feasting on blackberries is a pleasurable way to build up resistance to winter colds and flus.

Blackberry Picking 2

Once you have collected your bounty its time to go home and have fun making jams, smoothies, blackberry crumble or just freeze a few so you can continue to enjoy their flavour throughout the winter. All in all you can get more than just a few hours of fun from your day out and best of all, you don’t need your wallet to cash in on the yields.

Blackberry Picking 3

Quick and Easy Recipe for Blackberry Jam

  • Place 1kg of sugar, 1kg of blackberries and juice and zest of one lemon in a large pot.
  • Bring the mixture to the boil, stirring until all the sugar dissolves.
  • Cook the jam for approximately 15 minutes or until it reaches 105˚C on a sugar thermometer.

A Beach Trek in Caherdaniel

Eagle Rock Equestrian is one of Ireland’s best known, oldest established equestrian centres and is located in the stunning surroundings of Derrynane National Historic Park. There are a number of routes available including a beach trek, woodland trek and mountain Trek. We choose to try out the beach trek as the beaches in this area are just gorgeous.

Eagle Rock 4


The equestrian centre is very easy to find and was only a 40 minute trip along the most breathtaking coastline from our base in Valentia. The base itself is a beautiful listed building and a ten minute trek to the beach itself. As we prepared for our trek a more experienced group of riders on a two hour trek were returning and most of these riders seemed to be regular tourists who were very impressed with Caroline Donnelly’s service so much so that they were eager to book further treks which was difficult as they were so busy.





As novices to the horse riding world our tutors were very helpful and took alot of time to ensure the children were at ease on their saddles before heading off onto the road to make the short trek to the beach. The beach was the perfect safe enviornment for the children to enjoy this age old activity and offered plenty of areas to explore such as the sand dunes and streams to cross making for a very exciting ride.






Some treks can be a walk from A to B with pleasant scenary but what we experienced was a trek with a difference with the most breathtaking views in a comfortable and safe enviornment.

The trek itself was approx 1 hour which was just enough to tire everyone out and costs €30.00 per person in a group or you can also get a 30 minute ride out for children from €15.00.


There is something very special about the relationship between horse and man, its a magical activity and such a fun things to do with the kids in Kerry!

The Gruffalo’s Child-Cork Opera House

The Gruffalo's ChildThe Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child is one story that has captured the imaginations of boys and girls across the world. It is such a clever yet simple story and was beautifully portrayed in The Tall Stories production at The Cork Opera House today.

The set and costumes which were simple yet so well designed along with the light but fun script created the  perfect example of children’s theatre. The fun loving story had hints of scariness but it was just right for the young audience with plenty of music and dancing also. What I loved the most was that it was not drawn out and therefore was not too long or two short to retain the attention of its young audience.

The Gruffalo's Child

The interesting characters captivated the young audience brilliantly and as I looked around almost at the end of the performance there was not the usual chaos that can be experienced at shows like this.

I must say I enjoyed the afternoon as much as the kids and will be looking out for more of Tall Stories productions in the future but for now I must settle down to read our battered but loved copy of The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child to three happy sleepy children for the thousandth time!

The Gruffalo said that no gruffalo should……….

Cara Motorhomes, Campervans Ireland

Cara Motorhomes

campervans irelandWe associate campervans with holidays in France and not so much Ireland but this misconception is fast changing and campervans are becoming a popular choice for families wishing to explore this great country.  Now when I mentioned campervans to a few friends they raised concerns such as space and having to drive it everywhere but I can assure you that the campervans of today are very spacious and so convenient. Cara Motorhomes offer modern and spacious campervans that are no more than a couple of years old. Each of their campervans houses all the mod cons one would expect for an enjoyable family holiday and plenty of storage for the endless paraphernalia required for any family break. You can take the bikes, toys, hiking gear, plenty of clothes for all eventualities and even the kitchen sink (if one is not enough) and I bet you will have room to spare.

campervans irelandThe staffs at Cara Motorhomes are very friendly and offered great advice and tips for us novices. All we had to do was turn up with our suitcases and a grocery shop and they had everything else we needed for the next few days. To say I was impressed with our new home was an understatement as my own house has never been so spotless and pristine and I would challenge any hotel to beat it in that department. It was well laid out and fitted so much into such a small space without feeling cramped even offering plenty of segregated spaces to enjoy.

campervans irelandThe children were mesmerised by what seemed like a little playhouse on wheels and were full of excitement for their journey ahead. Once on the road I soon forgot all concerns I had about been over crowded as the campervans offer oodles of space and comfort for not only mum and dad on the journey but also the children who were belted into seats at the kitchen table where they had their snacks and played with their toys. This was a most relaxing spin and rarely were the words “are we there yet” uttered.

Easy Peazy Family Breaks Saoirse & ThomasOur journey took us from Limerick to Westport in luxurious style. What I liked the most is that we could pull in at any stage for a snack or a spot of lunch and the children could stretch their legs or have a toilet break before we headed off again. Some may say that you have the bring the campervan everywhere with you when you are travelling around but I thought that was a great advantage with small kids in tow as everything was on hand and did not have to be packed or unpacked and there was no searching for restaurants at the last minute as meals and snacks could be prepared at the side of the road when required, not to mention a luxurious toilet always on hand.


Easy Peazy Family Breaks Cara Motorhomes- Bike RackWe had all the facilities we needed included a toilet that you could eat your dinner off, shower, cooking and washing facilities and we had gas and water if we were parked up off a campsite and needed to cook. On one occasion during our trip we took off once we were up and before breakfast to get to our destination early and enjoyed our breakfast once we had arrived, cleaned ourselves up and headed off from here!

Our destination was Westport House and the trip did not take us too much longer than a car. Once we arrived at our campsite we were hooked up in no time as we had been given an in depth briefing on our campervan before we set off that day. The campervan was cleverly laid out with our double bed coming down from the roof and we even had a television to enjoy once the kids had nodded off or even a cheeky glass of wine on our outdoor table and chairs provided. Many parents sat out of an evening and enjoyed a chat while the children were in blissful slumber which you cannot do in a hotel or a lot of holiday homes.

Cara Motorhomes 6 Berth Rental Bunk_resultEach morning it took just a few minutes to organise ourselves again before we were set up for the day but no more than you would do when tidying up a hotel room or holiday home and in fact the campervan was so neat and organised that there was little if no cleaning most of the time. We just got the kids in the habit of putting things back in their place once they were finished with them.
Westport House is very conveniently located close to Westport town so we often walked into town and had a shop on site which meant we did not have to pack up if we ran out of milk but just throw the bike in the back where you could fit an army tank and if you need to run out for something use that! We never found it inconvenient and we would not always be the most organised. We explored the beautiful countryside around Westport and Mayo for a few days but I was sorry that we had not planned a longer trip, may be along The Wild Atlantic way as I found it to the easiest way to travel and holiday with children while covering a large area of ground.

Cara Motorhomes 6 Berth Rental_resultWe met some families on our journey that were travelling from Mayo through Galway and onto Clare over two and three weeks in the campervans and without one I don’t think you could do such a trip lugging all the gear and going from place to place. Every few days the children of these families had the opportunities to explore new surroundings and make new friends in the many caravan and camping sites doted along the way which I must say are fast coming up to European standards. Once you get bored of a place you can move on or if you are pleasantly surprised why not stay longer. Most sites can be booked that day or a day in advance. Some mums suggested that they used the facilities on site when they were good and if they were not 100% they always had the fall back of the shower and toilet on the campervan.

Cara Motorhomes_resultI would certainly recommend a campervan as one of the best ways to discover the dramatic beauty and adventure that Ireland can offer you and your family to create memories that will cherish for many years to come. Take it to the beach for a day, explore the rugged parklands and woodlands or just park it up and head off for a cycle on our every growing greenway routes. Campervans Ireland is fast becoming two words associated with one another. A campervan is no more expensive than other family options but there is a large deposit which I can appreciate as it ensures that the standards of these fabulous vehicles are keep to a very high standard. Cara Motorhomes will offer a drop off and collection service in most of the main cities of Ireland and are very flexible in their dealings so why not give their team a call and find out more …

Holiday Parks in Ireland-Rockhill Holiday Park

We always associate really good holiday parks that include onsite family activities with the continent and it always surprises me that many Irish people do not realise that we have a couple a great family holiday parks in Ireland to enjoy so as to avoid the hassle and not to mention the expense of travelling abroad with the brood.

holiday parks in irelandWe discovered Rockhill Holiday Park last summer which is located in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal and one of the best holiday parks in Ireland. Now I know too many that the idea of trekking all the way up to the North of the country is a journey but to be honest it is a gorgeous part of the country and well worth a visit. Also, it can act as a great base to make day trips into Northern Ireland and all children should experience this amazing part of our country at least once.Rockhill 2

We made a three day trip to Norther Ireland before our week in and journeyed along the Causeway route which is once of the most spectacular driving routes in the world. Donegal is not a huge county and Letterkenny is very well positioned that you can explore this county on day trips from here.

Rockhill Holiday Park is perched on the edge of a large lake and overlooked by mountains and gorgeous countryside, which is one of the great advantages of holiday parks in Ireland. It comprises of both wooden log cabins (similar to chalets you will find on the continent) and mobile homes. I love mobile homes for family breaks as they are small and neat yet perfectly sized for all your needs which mean we moms do not spend all our time cleaning, just 10 minutes morning and evening and you are done! The children adore mobile homes because they are cosy and remind them of little playhouses. Each mobile home had a decking and seating area outside for your al fresco dining!! The log cabins are that bit more spacious and more luxurious also offering hot tubs on their decking area so if you really wanted to indulge these would be the ones for you. We noticed that often two families or a family with grandparents were sharing a log cabin as they are very spacious and can sleep up to 10 in many cases.

holiday parks in ireland

The site itself was extremely clean and even though it was very family orientated it was a nice quite spot to relax in. There was an abundance of activities onsite for the children including free daily summer camps organised by the onsite team, Little Rockers (the indoor area for 0-4s), a wide range of arts and crafts classes to choose from  (including pottery for kids), battery operated go-karts , jetty and pontoon area for water sports – canoeing, kayaking, sailing and water safety, bumper boats, forest challenge obstacle course, outdoor archery with viewing area, synthetic tennis court, synthetic 7 aside football pitch, adventure playground. Most facilities are free and there but there are charges for some like the watersports and pottery classes.


Pirates Island consists of bouncy castles, climbing wall, bungee trampolines, battery operated go-karts and

water walkerz and again most activities were free but some had a small fee.

Rockhill Climbing WallCraig and Saoirse ventured out early one glorious morning for a canoeing session from the jetty and were very impressed with the set up. While in a double canoe they travelled in a group around the lake and to a small island. Saoirse was enthralled with the seals came up very close to her as well as the other wildlife that they encountered. This was a truly memorable experience for both. This trip catered for all ages and while a smaller group of older children and adults ventured further with their team leader, Craig and Saoirse were brought along an easier route home. Craig found the team leaders extremely helpful and concerned with safety at all times. There is an extra charge for canoeing but Craig was sorry we did not have time to experience it again.

Our two also loved the climbing wall which was free and offered four levels of to try, so they spent their week working their way through these levels. Even though we had rain from time to time it certainly did not dampen our fun and at no time did it get in the way of enjoying our days in Rockhill.

holiday parks in ireland


In the evening time, they also ran an activity for families like a treasure hunt or quiz which again was something to look forward to after our dinner on long summer evenings.

There was so much to do onsite that the children was constantly complaining that we were taking them area on day trips to some fantastic places I might add (for our research), as they would have been just as happy to unpack and not move from site for a week.

There is an office onsite that is open from early in the morning till late in the evening and the team here are on hand to provide local tourist information, help with any issues and ensure that you have a good time.




holiday parks in ireland


Other site facilities include the usual but I must say in an extremely modern and clean fashion:

  • Onsite Management
  • 24hr onsite security
  • Onsite shop
  • Laundry, ironing and dry cleaning service*
  • Daily cleaning service*
  • Launderette
  • Tourist information room
  • Bicycle hire*
  • BBQ Hire*
  • Public telephone
  • Library book service
  • Toy box hire*
  • DVD rental service*

The ones with the stars have a small charge.

The holiday park is located at the end of the small village of Kerrykeel which provides all you need in terms of a grocery shop, take-away, pubs and within a two minute walk. After a day or two onsite we discovered the most breath-taking beach, Port Salon. Now this is a treasure gem to discover as it was deemed to be the second most beautiful beach in the world by The Observer and well deserves its title. While we did not have beach beach weather we still enjoyed a few hours of sand fun as it is very well sheltered and you could soak up the views all day. Port Salon is approx. a 15 minute drive from Rockhill Holiday Park and if you only ventured over and back here you would be doing damn fine.

holiday parks in ireland  Port Salon Beach 3  holiday parks in ireland

While we were in Donegal we had to drag ourselves away from Rockhill Holiday Park to explore the area so we could gather information for you all. First we visited Glenveagh National Park. We rented some bikes at the car park and enjoyed a 4 km cycle through the national park to the grand house that stands hidden deep in the park. The house and gardens is open to the public with a fascinating tour. There are glorious tea rooms located in the house so you can soak up the atmosphere while indulging in the gorgeous food before the glorious cycle back.


Glenveagh  holiday parks in ireland  holiday parks in ireland

Another trip out that we enjoyed was Bundoran. Now we have all heard of the northern seaside town of Bundoran which holds a great tradition of seaside holiday making and in recent years there has been great investment in the development of its promenade area allowing the town to compete with any of its foreign counterparts. We took a dip in the Bundoran Waterpark with its many slides and water features before spending an afternoon in the funfair which is embedded in the history of this town before.

holiday parks in ireland

The town of Letterkenny is only a 25 minute drive from Rockhill providing all of your shopping requirements with its large shopping centre and Main Street. We also visited Lurgy Brack Open Farm just minutes from Letterkenny town. There are plenty of gorgeous restaurants to suit all budgets in Letterkenny and the one we choose and choose quite well was Yellow Pepper on the main street. The steak was the best we both had in a long time and the children’s menu was just perfect.


So we can confirm that Rockhill is very centrally located for touring families and as I have already said you could just while away the days lounging on your decking reading a book or two while the children burn their endless energy with the enjoyable the onsite activities or set off to explore the vast amount of family activities on your door step which we have only touched on. So the next time you are looking to book a no hassle family break and think that France may be the best option don’t forget that we have some gorgeous holiday parks in Ireland to enjoy with all the amenities that you can find abroad and Rockhill is a fine example!!

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