Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium Kerry

Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium Kerry

Fun Family Activities Dingle Kerry

A day at Oceanworld Aquarium is always packed with Fun Family Activities Dingle for all the family. Oceanworld Aquarium is situated in Dingle town in County Kerry and hosts Ireland’s largest collection of Sharks as well as our Gentoo Penguin display.

Their state of the art Penguin Exhibition is home to 12 Gentoo Penguins where their enclosure mimics their natural habitat with cooled air and ice.

Come face to face with the fearsome Sandtiger Shark, where only a wall of glass stands between you and these amazing creatures, not forgetting Molly the Turtle who spends her days swimming with the Sharks.

Other exciting displays include an Amazon display which is home to piranhas, catfish and many more freshwater species. Hold a starfish and stroke the rays at the touch tank. Walk through the underwater tunnel and watch in awe as a multitude of fish swim overhead. Nemo & friends is always a favourite with the children.

Oceanworld Aquarium Exhibition

  • Polar Penguin Exhibition

A state of the art enclosure replicates the Penguins natural habitat with chilled air and ice

  • Cylindrical Tank

Oceanworld Aquarium new Cylindrical Tank containing many colourful tropical fish such as Silver Dollars.

  • Surge Tank

This has many species living in it, such as anemones and shell fish.
The Dump Tank is home to many starfish and common crabs, this tank also has a dump effect with water rolling down like a waterfall.

  • Oceanworld Aquarium Ocean Tunnel

At the Ocean Tunnel you will be amazed with the array of fish swimming all around you and overhead. Swimming all around you will be mackerel, cod, flat fish, spider crabs.

  • Amazonian Display

The Amazon Display is made up of 7 displays – containing such tropical freshwater species as deadly piranha, Pacu, Catfish, Poisonous Frogs

  • Tropical Marine Tanks

This tank holds the fish we all know as Finding Nemo ( Clown Fish),puffer fish and much much more.

  • Oceanworld Aquarium Shark Tank

Shark tank is home to 8 Black Tip & White Tip Reef sharks, Molly the Turtle, Large Ray, Trigger fish along with thousands of small tropical fish.

  • Touch Tank

We all love the Touch Tank were you get the chance to hold a starfish and stroke the friendly Rays. Other marine life in this tank are sea urchins, common crabs and even the weird spider crabs.

  • Native Freshwater Tank

The Native Freshwater Tank is home to species of fish found in the lakes and rivers of Ireland. From the ancient Arctic Charr, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout to Rudd, Carp and Pike.

Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium Kerry
Child €10.00 Adult: €14.50 Family (2 adults & up to 2 children) - €43.00

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