Halloween Treasure Hunt


Who doesn’t love a good auld treasure hunt and this Halloween Party game is perfect for kids of all levels as well as being so easy to arrange!  Here are some ideas for a Halloween Treasure Hunt with a twist!

Eyeball Hunt

Think along the lines of an Easter egg hunt and have little ones collect as many googly eyes hidden around the backyard as they can. Turn it into a timed relay and see who can snatch the most for even more fun.

Alternatively you can play this game using parts of a skelleton and they must colleect all the parts to make the skeleton.

                                       scavenger hunt                                            skeleton treasure hunt

You can also print out a halloween themed scavenger hunt or grab one of the free printables here that I found online! Place the items around the house or outside and send them off to find them!

hunt ideas        scavenger hunt       scavenger

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Finally, it can be more fun to create a Treasure Hunt for the kids around the house or weather permitting outside and here are some clues that I found online.

treasure Hunt                                            treasure hunt ideas


Hope these help but route around on line for more free printables and clue ideas that may suit you better!


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