Walk About Galway

Walk About Galway offers a comprehensive two hour guided walking tour of Galway City Centre and indeed is a window into its past as a medieval walled town. This tour is conducted by Derek Spillane who is a local knowledgeable guide who has a B.A Honours Degree in Heritage Studies.

Visitors gain an insight into 800 years of history, from Galway’s humble beginnings as a fortified fishing village to becoming a medieval walled city ruled by a powerful merchant elite. Participants discover what everyday life was like within the walls and the scandal and intrigue which shaped the town. Visitors will also trace the ebb and floor of Galway’s fortunes from the powerful city state in the 17th century to boom and bust; siege, plague, famine fire and flood before experiencing a dramatic revival, becoming the vibrant dynamic cultural hub it is today.

As part of the tour, visitors will be escorted to one of Galway’s famous drinking establishment where participants can sample a complimentary beverage, while Derek will share a story or two. This affords customers a chance to meet fellow travellers, all the while soaking up Galway’s unique hospitality.

The Tour

The guided tour departs from Eyre Square at 2pm Monday to Friday.

Come stroll through the heart of medieval Galway and discover what life was like behind the walls during these times and why neither both O’s and Mac’s feared to thread its ancient cobbled streets.

Explore one of Ireland’s oldest medieval churches and discover how it can illuminate the lives of those who worshipped there.

Delve beneath the modern street scape and unearth the stories of the powerful often ruthless men who ruled here through the ages.

Learn about the Claddagh, a once teeming fishing village outside the walls, rich in craft and tradition.

Discover Galway’s part in the 1916 rising which positioned Ireland’s Independence centre stage within a Europe then engulfed by the ferocity of the First World War.

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