Nature Trails at Fota House & Gardens

The gardens at Fota House are truly a hidden gem here in Cork and one of my favourite family fun activities in Cork. They are beautifully preserved (cared for by the OPW) and offer adventure, escape and tranquillity around almost every corner. There are many walkways and trails to discover and you could spend hours lost in amongst the trees, languishing in the open areas or exploring the formal and Victorian walled gardens. All of this is free and there is only a charge of €3 for the car park.

fota gardens

Family Fun Activities in Cork

However, should you wish to add a bit more fun to your day you can buy one of their trail packs for €4 each. They have two to suit both young and older children. We had great fun following the map as children always love map reading and leading the way. While our three were running along, working out which way to go at each juncture, stopping to find little titbits and clues as per the instructions, Craig and I wandered along at our own pace, chatting and enjoying the surroundings. Pure Bliss!!!

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We stopped on route at the giant’s chairs for a picnic before continuing along the trail and discovering the Victorian walled gardens, the shed with old tools and the formal gardens. The children were extremely curious and enjoyed the few hours we spent wandering along. I really do think it was the nature trail and activity pack that added that element of structure and fun to our afternoon.

family fun activities in Cork

We spent the next hour rolling down the grass hills, playing ball and generally chilling out in the open area just behind the house. As family fun activities in Cork go this one got big thumbs up from me and I am looking forward to trying out their house tour as I believe they have one geared towards children coming shortly!

nature trails at fota

Trabolgan Day Passes

Lucky for us we live only a half an hour from Trabolgan and so we can make regular day trips with the kids. Trabolgan was one of my own favourite spots as a kid and I love to watch the kid’s excitement when we head down there now. Trabolgan day passes are great value as you get a full day of fun so get down early and plan it out beforehand!

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Trabolgan Holiday Village is located on over 140 acres of woodland beside the sea, 30 mins from Cork city and operates as a holiday camp or day visitor attraction.

Trabolgan Cork

Family Things to Do at Trabolgan

We normally start at the playground so kids can have a run around and I a coffee. One word of advice take a good look at the activities timetable for the day at this stage as there may be shows that you want to see and some of the activities have specific time slots. I prefer to organise our swimming around the shows as the kids will be starving after swimming and you can get lunch into them while watching a show.

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There is a glass roof over the main outdoor area and the main stage is under this so if you get a fine day like we did last week it is was perfect to sit outside and relax while actually enjoying a picnic while being entertained.

Trabolgan day passes

Our next port of call is normally the swimming pool and with the waves and slide we normally pass away an hour or two here. The water was actually quite warm last week and I was pleasantly surprised with the renovations in this area. There is new flooring running throughout the changing area and a new seated area for those who wishing to sit this one out.

trabolgan day trips

After our picnics we head back to the playground for a walk out towards the water area. However, last week I stumbled across the duck pond which has been developed into a nature area. It is a gorgeous spot to sit with a prompt board to encourage children to search the surroundings for little titbits of nature. I am glad to see Trabolgan  making use of their gorgeous natural setting more.

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The sports centre houses a jungle gym (admission included in the day pass) and a coffee shop for more hours of fun and it is here you can buy tickets to any of the TAS activities. You can also use your day pass for these instead of the swimming pool but to be honest we would not do these everytime as there is so much without having to include them.

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Places to Eat in Trabolgan

At this stage we would head back down for another show as they are normally getting quite tired. A great way to end the day is Sally O’Hara’s Restaurant in the main square so I don’t have to cook when we get home and I know they will be starving after going all day so they will eat a belly full. Along with the main menu a carvery is available which is brilliant for the kids. There is a family special at the moment of €45 for two adults and two kids. I have never been disappointed with the food here and they have excellent coeliac choices. The staff are extremely friendly and always so accommodating.

eating out trabolgan

Other dining options are Costa Coffee for a quick snack or Big Als@Casey’s Fast Food so there is something for everyone!

places to eat near trabolgan


I am delighted with the renovations they are doing every year but I hope they might add new shower cubicles some time soon as I am not too fond with the open showers!

trabolgan activities

Final Thoughts

At the moment the Trabolgan day passes are €12 per person/ €50 for a family pass which is outstanding value as you can have one of the main activities which are swimming, crazy golf, birds of prey, TAS (Trabolgan Adventure Sports). Follow Trabolgan on facebook and keep an eye on their website as there are always doing offers on Trabolgan day passes. Click here for more.

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What the Kids Said about Trabolgan

“Next time we go we are staying so we can do more stuff”

For more information please click here!

Seaside Foraging with Sea Synergy

Seaside foraging


Seaside foraging is an age old fun activity and something that I love as the children are outdoors and learning but best of all my children love it more so much so we went out on a drizzling August day and by the end of the session the rain down poured but I had to still drag them off the beach kicking and screaming as they did not want it to end!


Seaside foraging


Sea Synergy based in Waterville in Kerry offer sea activities including foraging all along the South Kerry coast and a morning foraging is  a great way to spend some time with the kids. We met Lucy, a marine biologist Sea Synergy on Glanleam Beach in Valentia Island and she brought us on a little adventure!


Seaside foraging

Lucy first introduced us to a number of items she has collected over the years including shells and marine wildlife bones before we all took to the shoreline looking for items washed up from the sea. Marine life can be found in so many places including along the walls, on the rocks, under rocks and in rock pools as well before you even go to the sea. Lucy also provided fishing nets for a spot of fishing and Saoirse picked a crab out of the water causing for great excitement.

Seaside foraging


The children were in their element learning about all the items we discovered and even did not notice the drizzle of rain that began a little while into our adventure. We got great ideas and tips from Lucy for our own expeditions but found this session very good as we got so much information from Lucy on our travels and she knew just where to look for things we would never find.


Seaside foragingSea synergy run workshops from Waterville and are also hoping to do the same from Valentia in the summer. I for one would travel just to attend these workshops as it encourages a great interest in exploring and the great outdoors in already curious minds! Sea Synergy will also come out to locations of your choosing for small groups or families t so you can enjoy a spot of foraging. They offer a huge range of services so make sure you check out their page.

Fota House Easter Egg Hunt

This year the annual Fota Easter Egg Hunt had a a Peter Rabbit and Friends theme and even the sometimes damp weather did not spoil our fun.

Fota Easter Egg Hunt 2016 14

The grounds at Fota House are gorgeous and lend themselves perfectly to the adventures of Peter Rabbit including Mr. McGregors garden and much more…

Fota Easter Egg Hunt 2016 13       Fota Easter Egg Hunt 2016 9

The children had great fun enjoying the activities set up for them, following the trail and most of all running along the gorgeous landscaped gardens. They did not even notice the drizzle of rain that fell from time to time.

Fota Easter Egg Hunt

The trail was set it very well with plenty of sign posts to follow and fun stops on the way. There was plenty of time and space to run and explore for little excited ones! Fota House and Gardens is an excellent place to explore to pass away an afternoon, check out more by clicking here!

Fota Easter Egg Hunt 2016 7       Fota Easter Egg Hunt 2016 6

The team members at each stage were very friendly and interacted great with the children but that was not the end of the Fota Easter Egg Hunt as there were old time games set up for the children to enjoy while the parents sampled the delights of the market stalls in front of the house! Once the children had completed the trail and handed up their cards, they received a well deserved chocolate egg!

Fota Easter Egg Hunt 2016 4      Fota Easter Egg Hunt 2016 3

The egg hunt was well organised and collecting your cards was seemless so well done to Fota House and Gardens for organising such a fun activity in the great outdoors. Each ticket cost €8.50 and adults were free and you could spend a good half a day here so great value for money! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for more activities on

Fota House


The Great Western Greenway

The Great Western Greenway with Clew Bay Cycles

No trip to Westport would be complete without a cycle along the World Class Great Western Greenway (Westport – Achill) which is a 42km traffic free cycling facility and primarily follows the line of the famous Great Western Midlands Railway, which closed in 1937. The route offers gentle gradients and some of the most idyllic scenery in the West of Ireland. We always try to tie in some cycling on our holidays as our children love to cycle and more so with us.

Easy Peazy Family Breaks Greenway 7       Easy Peazy Family Breaks Greenway 8

We contacted Clew Bay Bike Hire and found them very helpful as obviously we would not cycle 42km during our short trip so they advised us of the best route for our family. They recommended that we drive to the town of Newport and collect our bikes here. Then we cycled the 18km to Mulranny. The journey took us approx. 3 to 4 hours as we stop for plenty of rests, snacks and chats on the way. It was a very safe route as you were only close to the road at the start for approx 1km. After this we were travelling through open farm lands often sharing the path with the sheep doted across this landscape. The scenery was breath-taking and even though it was not the warmest day of the year it was so refreshing cycling through the open countryside. The children were relaxed and enjoyed the freedom as they could come to no harm. There are a couple of cafes that you can stop at for refreshments or lunch and at one of these stops we spoke to a family that were doing our route in reverse and both ways. They felt that the reverse journey was easier and more downhill.

Easy Peazy Family Breaks Greenway 2

We rented two adult and two children’s bikes from Clew Bay Bike hire and I must say that they took safety very seriously and checked the children more than once to see if they had the right bikes for their size. They offered us plenty of family solutions including carriers, toddler trailers, family bike units and children’s bikes that attach to adult bikes. Our children are keen cyclists and regularly cycle long journeys so we were confident that the four single bikes would do but there is a gradient hill as you get closer to Mulranny and they did tire at this point so I felt that we could have done with a child’s bike attach to our bikes as let’s face it, it is 18 km and can be hilly at times.

Easy Peazy Family Breaks Greenway Bikes                 Easy Peazy Family Breaks Greenway Bikes 2

Once we arrived at Mulranny we were met by the team of Clew Bay Bike Hire who took our bikes from here so we could avail of their pickup service to be brought back to Newport. This pick-up service is all part of the service and was a welcome reprieve for two tired soldiers (and mum) who have a short nap on the journey home. There are shorter or longer routes along the greenway which Clew Bay Bike Hire have stations doted all along. You could bring your own bikes and then the greenway would be free but often it is easier to rent the bikes once you arrive at our destination as there only so much you can get into the boot. Clew Bay Bike Hire have many packages to choose from and offer excellent family discounts so you can have a great day out for all the family that will not cost you your shirt and best of all you will all get plenty of exercise!!! To see their packages check out the link below:

The Waterford & Suir Valley Railway

I’ve travelled the Waterford Bypass many times, but I never knew that metres from that very road lies a hidden gem, The Waterford & Suir Valley Railway.

Easy Peazy Family Breaks Suir Railway - Thomas

The railway is a heritage project that runs hourly services along the 8.5km of the old Dungarven – Waterford route, much to the enjoyment of novelty seeking children and with plenty of impressive panoramic views for the grownups

Easy Peazy Family Breaks Suir Railway - Sean & ShaneaWe arrived at the station (which is easily found just a couple of hundred metres off the Main Waterford Bypass) 40 minutes before the next train was due to leave, and so I thought we might have a job keeping 3 young children amused for that time. However, the friendly team at the railway had gladly thought so too. First the children lined up for face painting, and then after a quick bite to eat on the picnic benches, we combed the station to find each item printed on our colourful activity sheet.



Easy Peazy Family Breaks Suir Railway - Thomas Fireman Sam

Along with the arrival of the train on the hour, the children were also surprised with the appearance of two familiar faces in Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam. After a quick hello and cuddle with the aforementioned characters, we boarded our partially open carriages and waved goodbye.

Easy Peazy Family Breaks Suir Railway - Peppa Pig

The activity sheets in the children’s hands had four unmarked pictures, including the ruins of Kilmeaden Castle and a Lime Kiln, which were to be checked off on the journey. Along the route, one is afforded an opportunity to take in the colourful and expansive scenery that the banks of the River Suir has to offer. The children on the other hand were waiting for one part of the map in particular, The Magic Woods.




Easy Peazy Family Breaks Suir Railway - Fairys

At the Magic Woods, fairies can be seen climbing about their little wooden houses, where bridges connect the village in the trees. The train stops here for a few moments while little hands point in admiration at the enchanted site.

Easy Peazy Family Breaks Suir Railway - Fairy WoodsThe spin remained enjoyable all the way back to the station, though some children in our group did mention they were a bit bored by the end.

The excitement levels rose again when we arrived back at the station which was a hub of activity again in contrast to the tranquil trek we had just completed.

Photos were taken with Peppa, time was spent with Fireman Sam on the play mat and the children were eventually corralled back to the boring four wheeled car.


Easy Peazy Family Breaks Suir Railway - Group Train

The cost for 2 adults and 3 children was €23. This might seem a bit steep for a 40 minute train journey, but when you take into account the fun at the station before and after the train ride, it’s actually good value for money.

Easy Peazy Family Breaks Suir Railway - Model TrackThere’s a nice café in a restored train carriage, or as I said, picnic benches outside if you would like to bring your own lunch. There is also toilets and baby changing facilities.





Easy Peazy Family Breaks Suir Railway - Group Picnic


If you are in the South East and looking to spend a few hours on something that’s a bit different, take a trip over to the Suir Valley Railway and you won’t be disappointed.


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