Halloween Party Games

Many Halloween events that would normally go ahead will likely not happen or be curtailed due to the pandemic so why not take charge now and make a plan for a Halloween party at home this year. It could be a great opportunity to have some real fun quality time with the kids. Make Halloween bigger and better this year by doing something different, more personable and most of all making memories of real family time. With this in mind we have put together some easy to play, fun and spooky and fun Halloween Party Games ideas to keep everyone entertained.

The mid-term break may be quieter this year so many of the games below require some arts and crafts to be made before the event, keeping them busy all week and making the preparations for the party for fun family effort. The supplies are simple and easy to source in the discount stores and you don’t need to be a wiz at crafts to do these. Games and craft combined as one, Love it!

Many of you will be avoiding treat or treating so there are also some fab alternatives to gathering treats in the comfort of your own home. I have already picked up a skeleton and eyeballs in dealz that glow in the dark as we are going to do the skeleton and eyeball hunt when it gets dark using the torches which I know will go down a treat. I have also found a gluten free recipe for the donut eating race which the kids will make that morning. I have picked up some plastic spiders in dealz for the ice cubes and and as toppings on rice crispy buns. Mummy wrap and catch the ghost will be definitely on our games list and for trick or treating we will do the treasure hunt around the house with a treat at each station. For a big treat they will have to knock at the back and font door for and do a trick or party piece. I will buy an extra big sweet treat for this. Oh and we are all dressing up but I have not told Dad yet……..Can’t wait!

Halloween Party Games

Monster Dance Freeze

Put on some Halloween tunes and have the kids boogie until the music stops when they have to freeze. Children are eliminated for not freezing and the last monster standing is the winner. Look up a playlist of youtube or spotify.

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt and this Halloween Party game is perfect for kids of all levels as well as being super easy to arrange!  You can have an eyeball hunt, skeleton bones hunt or simple old fashion halloween scavenger hunt. Here are some printables and  suggestions for treasure hunts with a twist including an eyeball hunt! Click Here!

Catch The Ghost

Make ghosts using paper and throw them around. Each player runs around catching as many ghosts as possible. To catch a ghost they have to suck it up using the straw and keeping sucking in order to keep the ghost affixed to the end of the straw until they can safely deposit the ghost in their bowl. The player with the most ghosts at the end wins this Halloween Party Game. More…

halloween party games

Plastic Mini Spiders

Halloween party and chill…literally. Take a pack of mini spiders and freeze them in any ice cube tray for a creepy crawly addition to any drink. Keep beverages cold while also keeping the creepy theme on point.

Mummy Wrap

In this Halloween party game, teams are competing to be the first to wrap one team member up as a mummy. Generally the smallest on the team volunteers to be the mummy (as this will be quicker and uses less toilet paper). The rest of the team wrap the mummy around with toilet paper and team that finishes their roll of toilet paper first, wins!

Mummy Sack Race

Combine the mummy wrap game with a mummy sack race. However, this is a sack race with a twist. Wrap up every ones legs with white crepe paper. The first one to the finish line with no rips in the paper wins.

donut racing


Donut Eating Race

I think this is self explainatory but a great twist on snap apple. You may need to test the donuts first yourself…





Halloween Bowling

Save your cans and either paint them or cover them with Halloween themed paper. I’m not sure which is more fun, the actual bowling or decorating the cans! This Halloween Game is budget-friendly and can be enjoyed by even the youngest party goer. If you really want to go all out with the Halloween theme use a pumpkin as the bowling ball!

After lockdown, you may be able to Sacrifice a few toilet paper rolls to convert into ghoulish bowling pins. Cut the stem off a pumpkin and you’re all set with the perfect festive ball.


halloween bowling games

Poke a Pumpkin Halloween Game

This game is great fun but you will need to put some of your arts and craft skills to use beforehand. This game can be played two ways either using Balloons or paper cups but personally I prefer the papers cups as the noise from popping balloons is not very welcome in my house. More…

Pumkin Chukin’ Halloween Game

(Halloween themed bean bag throwing games)

Great for toddlers, this budget friendly DIY game is easy to put together and you can use whatever Halloween theme you like. The most popular are pumpkins and SPIDERS. The bean bags are made up of toilet parer wrapped in felt and you can get as crafty as you like. This may even be an activity for mid-term break. Find an old basket or pick up a Halloween bowl in the discount stores.

pumpkin chukin

Pin the Tail in The Witch Cat

Pin the tail type games can be used for all occasions but for Halloween we have decided to use a Cat. May be ask one of the older children do prepare this as a craft project for the younger ones to enjoy on Halloween night.

Another adaptation is pin the bow on the Skeleton or the spider on the web. I have also found some an option to buy a ready make pin the bow on the skeleton if it is easier than making one. The link is here!

pin the tail

Halloween Bingo

Bingo is always a  big hit and another game that can be themed for every occasion. You can find tons of free printables online but I have also added on here. However, if you do not want to go to the hassle of printing of cards you can buy it here on amazon. More…

DIY pinata


Halloween Pinata

A piñata could be an excellent alternative to trick or treating  and there is nothing like breaking a piñata with sweets flowing out to get the excitement going.

I have found a tutorial to make you own here from Martha Stewart and again this could make a fab arts and crafts project for older ones during the mid-term break. Or alternatively you can buy one on amazon here.


Instead of one big piñata, try these smaller, personal substitutes. That way, every kid can pull their own string and collect their own candy.




Witches Hat Ring Toss

Make your own ring toss game or similarly buy one online here. Witches Hat Ring Toss Game Link and Spiders Ring Toss Game Link.

ring toss game

halloweenPumpkin Decorating Station

This is a must and can be so much fun if you put an adult and child on a team together. You can’t have halloween without pumpkins so this is a perfect activity for every party. You can use paint, stickers (foam ones in dealz are great) or just plain auld carve the pumpkin. I always go online and print out some carving templates. Here is a link to a fab website with free templates.





Bubbling Witches Cauldron

If you have any small witches at home you could go all out and create a bubbling wotches cauldron. Here is a link to a tutorial and if you have older scientists in the house may be they could prepare the cauldron under supervision of course. Link…



Eyeball Dig

Prepare a few heaping bowls of spaghetti and have brave blindfolded souls get hands-on in the mushy mess while searching for hidden eyeballs, spiders and skeleton bones. You could also mix it up with bowls of mushy peas and spaghetti hoops!

Spider Walking Game

Put both their balance and problem-solving skills to the test. This Halloween game requires your little one to collect all the spiders or ghosts around the makeshift “web” without stepping off the lines. Game on! Use masking tape or coloured tape to make out a web.

Spider Races

For the little ones at the party, this simple creepy-crawly race will be a treat. All you need is a few paper straws and plastic spiders. Race them across the table, along the floor or in a make shift race track.

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Roll a Frankenstein Board Game

This game is easy to make and so much fun. Best of all it will keep them entertained for a while. Click here for a free printable of the game. Each player rolls the dice in order to build their own frankenstein. Game and craft rolled into one easy activity. More…

Happy Halloween!









Halloween Party Games
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