The Wizard of Oz Cork Opera House

Every Summer the Cork Opera House presents a Summer Musical which is perfect for families to enjoy and these productions are nearly becoming as popular as Panto. We were very excited when we heard this year it would be The Wizard of Oz as this is one of our favourites so we did not delay in going to see it.

Wizard of Oz Cork Opera House

While this delightful production of The Wizard of Oz Cork Opera House boasts a wonderfully innocent sweet Dorothy and a fantastically scary wicked witch of the west, it must be said that it was the turn of the little dog Toto played by actor Joshua Ellershaw to steal the show!! I just loved him and was amazed by how he stayed in character so impeccably, taking on the quirky mannerisms, facial expressions and movements of a small dog all while running on all fours across the stage or waiting patiently waging his tail.Wizard of Oz cork Opera House

What impressed me the most and stands out for me from any other production that I have seen in a long while were the scene transitions. There were dramatic, clever, creative and so imaginative. As the tornado rips through the stage, objects, people, Dorothy on her bed and even a COW twirl and fly around until they land in the magical land of Oz scene with the same creativity in the sets. The special effects were equally brilliant and the scene where the wicked witch is killed with a bucket of water is equal to those created in the movie if not more real as George Hanover who plays this character was outstanding.

The production team were also very clever in how they lifted vital elements of the set like the yellow brick road up off the stage so the young audience could see more clearly.

Wizard of Oz Opera House Cork


The only small downside I would have of Wizard of Oz Cork Opera House is that it was almost three hours long. Now the director did not cut anything scene out which was great but it was a tiny bit too long for kids to stay sitting and in the last 20 minutes they were getting tired. May be book a matinee so you avoid this.

Final Thoughts

It was a thoroughly professional production and would appeal to all ages and grown ups who appreciate musicals. There is a couple of loud bangs throughout the show, but it probably has fewer startling moments than the average panto. I would go again and again. Toto Rocks!!!!!!


Opera House Cork Wizard of Oz

What the Kids Said:

Saoirse: “Brilliant, can we go again?”

Thomas: “How did Toto learn to bark like that and did you see how he was moving on his legs? What did they do with the witch after? I don’t really like the movie but I loved when it is a play……………………………………………………….”

The show will run until 26th August 2018 and you can book your tickets to Wizard of Oz Cork Opera House by clicking here!




Emmets Place, Cork


Ind: €20 - €35 Family Pass €80 - €120





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